About Us

Growing up, I have always enjoyed arts & crafts. I can recall when my mother gave me an “Easy Sew” machine. I can’t remember how old I was, but I taught myself how to sew on that machine. My husband was quite surprised when years ago, I started making our children’s school clothes. I even made clothes for him! In the 30+ years that he and I have been married, he has supported my creative, artsy, nature and interests. From decorative ceramics, painting, of course sewing, and quilting, I have lots of hobbies and a host of ideas always swirling around in my head!

A few years ago, I thought about making candles and healthier body soap. I experimented with different soap ideas and thought, this is something that is useful. Endless ideas began to percolate in my head. The more research that I did, the more intrigued I became about healthier skin care. I loved the idea of making decorative soaps and creams! I have always paid attention to products that I have purchased over the years for my own skin care. The more that I learned about certain ingredients that aren’t good for my skin, the more alternative products I found.

Now, I am no chemist, nor do I have any educational background supporting my hobby. I am just a girl who had an idea, found better products to put on my skin, and the next thing I knew, The Body Shack Makes Scents was born!

I must give credit to my mother who I miss terribly. Mom was fiercely independent and very entrepreneurial. I was telling my husband recently about all the things Mom would do to make money. I recall too, the many flea markets and endless shopping sprees where I got to see all sorts of art and craft and ideas from a variety of people. I even went door to door selling cookies, decorative Christmas trees from styrofoam, a paper route, Avon… Goodness, I’d forgotten all of this until recently.

As I look back on my formative years, I have always been creative and have always done something that I enjoy doing to offset the very busy world that I grew up in. Well, the busy part never changed, and neither did my need to step out of the daily demands of “doing life” into my special place, creating things!

I hope you enjoy The Body Shack Makes Scents!


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